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sga_rpf's Journal

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Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is made from these stories. This site is for entertainment only.


* This community is for fanfics only. Leave the discussion of relationships and OT posts for somewhere else.

* Het or gen stories only. If you prefer slash, go over to sga_rps.

* Constructive criticism is both welcome and encouraged. No flaming of the members, actors, etc.

* Absolutely no bashing of pairings, the people, the peoples significant others. Let's keep it friendly please.

* Please label your fics appropriately, giving the rating and pairing (if any). All stories must be behind a LJ-CUT.

* Please tag all your entries. If a tag isn't in the list, ask one of the mods and we will add it. Authors get their tags automatically with their first posted story.

* The community is friends only. (for obvious reasons)

* If your membership has been approved, please fill out our survey, thank you.

* We'll be extremely happy if you could spread the word to people you know might want to join. The more the merrier. ;)
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